Project Updates

New Providence Ecology Park (NPEP) is revolutionizing landfill operations by employing state-of-the-art equipment to ensure high-quality compaction and operational efficiency. With a daily influx of approximately 450-500 trucks, excluding Residential Drop-Off (RDO) vehicles, we are diverting green waste to our composting area and separating construction debris for recycling.

NPEP continues to Innovate with its renovated hazmat facility

Our transformed Hazmat Facility sets the standard for secure hazardous material receipt, storage, and re-packing, serving as a model for similar sites in the region. We’ve partnered with BPL to recycle 10,000 streetlights and are continuously enhancing our laboratory capabilities.

Plans commence for a new residential dropoff (RDO) facility in 2024

The upcoming New RDO is designed to enhance the customer experience, boost safety, and reduce landfill traffic, enabling us to expand recycling and diversion efforts. Construction is scheduled to commence in early 2024.

Designs for the new material recovery facility are complete

In 2024, we’ll break ground on our Material Recovery Facility (MRF), which will process aluminum, glass, plastics, and cardboard. Glass recycling is already underway via public drop-off bins at our RDO, and we’re collaborating with local firms and the GOB to establish residential recycling initiatives.

NPEP actively develops solutions for wastewater treatment

Our efforts extend to managing overflow from the adjacent Water and Sewage Corporation facility. We’re actively restoring our wetlands, creating a “bioswail” (vegetated channels designed to concentrate and convey stormwater runoff while removing debris and pollution) to redirect septage liquids, and blending solids with mulch for composting. NPEP has proposed a sustainable wastewater treatment facility for long-term environmental benefit.

More than one million tires have been shredded by NPEP

Over one million tires have been shredded or baled since our project’s inception. Our cutting-edge low-speed shredder can process 1,500 tires per hour. We’re using tire shreds in on-site drainage projects and piloting a “tire-bail road” with tire bales as subgrade, enhancing drainage efficiency and benefiting New Providence’s infrastructure.